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History has clearly shown us that individuals or small groups of people, people just like you, can have a huge positive impact in their communities. They started small and gradually grew a project that created everlasting change.

An example is Bronwyn Sheehan who started up the Pyjama Foundation. She discovered that foster children had extremely low levels of literacy and completing school. She started matching a small group of people to read to foster children in their homes in Brisbane. From there grew an amazing Australia-wide organisation with almost 1000 Pyjama Angels supporting over 1440 children in foster care every week. Bronwyn saw a local issue and created a local solution by starting small. You don’t need to start-up an organisation, yet you can start NOW.

The next great change may spring from your idea!! Yet you may feel scared, uncertain where to start, or whether you have what it takes to be a community Change Agent. We understand that you want to make a positive impact for your community – but we also know that making a difference can sometimes feel overwhelming.

We believe in you! We have seen people from all works of life surprise themselves with what they are capable of. Especially when they are supported, have a proven step by step pathway, and mentors with the experience and knowledge to guide them. 

Using our combined 45 years’ community project experience, we have created a complete step by step journey for people just like you. With coaching, online learning and group community minds we support you in matching your gifts and passion with designing a project that tackles real world issues.

We believe in local people passionate about working together to shape a positive future for their community.



If you care about your community and you want to make a lasting difference…

If you have some spare time to dedicate to your next project..

If you have donated or volunteered over the years, now you want to do more…

If you have children or grandchildren and want to leave this world a better place for their future…

If you have an inspiring idea but need confidence, the team and the support to get it off the ground…



What is a social change agent?

Ignite your inner community

change agent FREE

This free webinar is an introduction to how to rebuild your community as a Change Agent. You will discover the 5 key characteristics of community change agents and why you are the one now! Match your passion with the impact your community needs.

Change Agent Project Live Online

Change Agent Project Coaching

and Mentoring $100/hr

You have started a local community project. You have ideas, a solution to an issue you’ve explored, you’ve engaged other people and organisations yet you’re not sure what to do next or how to measure your impact. We are here to guide you. Based on our combined 45 years in successful community projects we can mentor and coach you as you need.

Change Agent Project Live Group

Change Agent Project Plan

Live Group Online $397

This is a six week course where each week you will learn in a group to apply the six key simple-to-understand steps to design, inspire and act on a community project. Your project will meet local needs and hopes, engage others and align to your passion, strengths and lifestyle now. Through Change Agent Project you will have the tools, knowledge, peer support and direction to build your community.


As you create your Change Agent Project we will post it on this website. If you want to join an existing project click on the project you would like to be involved in!


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Budding change agents

Do you have a passion, cause and big idea or keen to be a change agent to create a community you want to live into?

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Community organisations

Are you are a community organisation, school, local group keen to guide and co-create a Change Agent Project to increase your impact?

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Change Agent Champions

Are you a community champion and want to identify local project ideas with your community to attract budding change agents?


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We believe that if we all work in unity with a common goal, big things can happen!

Yolie Entsch

Yolie Entsch

Yolie is passionate about local people having the opportunity to identify as change agents, as she did from when she was young.

Click here to learn more about Yolie!

Deb Jones

Deb Jones

As a community change agent, Deb guides people unaware of their ability to be agents of change to forge a new path.

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