About Change Agent Project

Who we are

Change Agent Project is a key community building and rebuilding program designed and delivered by Younity Works. Younity Works is a social enterprise, where 100% of profits are reinvested in the organisation to make a greater local, national and global impact. Go to http://younityworks.com.au to learn more about our other services.

Younity Works is on a mission to create a better world through grassroots community building. We inspire and support everyone to be a change agent to increase the pace of community change so together we can build the world we need. As a specialist in social change I distilled my lifelong experience into a new pathway to move passionate people from random action to ongoing committed community action.

We inspire and empower you as change agents in your community with the confidence and tools to solve local problems and make an impact towards the United Nations Global Goals. In 2015, the world agreed to an ambitious set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals to transform the world by 2030, led by the United Nations.

These Global Goals focus on four areas:

  1. Happy and healthy life
  2. Healthy planet
  3. Good business
  4. Peaceful and equal future.

What we do

Change Agent Project is a simple six step process you learn with expert coaching, online learning, and a connection with a community of everyday change agents to bring your dreams of a better community to life.

You will focus on the issues and dreams that move and inspire you, that need your gifts and align them with a Global Goal. Learn about your personality, using strengths to build a team and access community assets for greater impact.

With a simple model of social change and connecting with your community, you will design a project to tackle these issues or progress your dreams. If you want our support as you action your project we can check-in with your progress, help you measure your success and share your story on social media and our Change Agent Channel.

Change Agent Project is an opportunity for you as a community member to express your creativity, passion, and gifts in partnership with your community. The rebuilding of our communities will require your innovative thinking and heartfelt action.