Deb Jones - Real Life Leader - Change Agent Project

Real Life Leader

Deb Jones has a passion for lifelong learning, grassroots social change, micro business, social enterprise and delivering programs that educate and inspire.

A sea change thirteen years ago propelled Deb into the community sector. More recently, Deb’s commitment to supporting community led strategies to reinvigorate and uplift those looking for positive change has seen her develop and facilitate a number of award winning social programs for the housing sector, including an innovative employment, small business and social enterprise program.

Deb is a resourceful leader, successfully consolidating her extensive real-life experience with her studies and qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Human Behaviour, Training, Business, Community Services and evidence-based healing modalities.

With her engaging approach, attitude of ‘what is possible?’ and her desire to share knowledge, Deb aims to bring the aspirations and desires of individuals and communities to life.

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